Japan Sea Ocean Line is Route 231 and 232 connecting Sapporo with northern Hokkaido cities such as Ishikari, Mashike, Rumoi, Teshio, and Wakkanai.

This area facing Japan Sea attracts many tourists especially during summer time with the most beautiful sunset in Japan.

You can enjoy many specialties from mountain and sea such as sardines and herring roe.

Hokkaido is “Treasure Land’’ not only with agricultural and marine products but also with touristic resources. One of the treasure is Hokkaido Rice which we use 100% for Sushi. Tastes and brightness of Hokkaido Rice is known with its very high quality.

We go to local market and port everyday and find good quality of marine products like octopus, flatfish, scallop, shrimp, and so on to serve you authentic Edo(ancient Tokyo)style Sushi. It is our pleasure to entertain you with our eyes to choose good fish. We also believe our attitude to use local resources contributes to Rumoi city.